When you meet Susan Lee, you’ll instantly know she’s from California. Some say its her laid-back attitude, friendly demeanor and helpful personality, while others say she’s the typical New Yorker who works too hard and walks too fast! Whatever it is, Susan is all of these things and considers herself to be a New Yorker, who keeps her Californian sensibilities.

Susan moved to New York to pursue a career in finance. After ten years in finance, she rediscovered her passion for photography. Though she didn’t realize it while growing up, she was always behind the camera taking photographs and fascinated by other people’s images. Her first recollection of a photographer’s work was through Dorothea Lange’s record of the Great Depression. Photographs such as “Migrant Mother” and “White Angel Breadline“, though taken more than five decades ago, are iconic images that continue to resonate within her soul. The emotions evoked when viewing those photographs are what she aspires to incorporate in her own photographic work. Whether it is food, travel or editorial work, Susan’s aims in photography are simple – to create an emotional connection with people who see the photographs she has taken.

When it comes to photography, she takes things seriously and explores every avenue to exceed her client’s and her own expectations. Her passion for food and travel photography stem from her childhood adventures with her parents and friends, which include tasting different foods, understanding different cultures and experiencing exciting new things. Her editorial work has spanned across the years – all endeavors to capture the essence of a single moment or event. Her own images serve as a reminder of the importance of putting your heart and soul into your work. Her friends and clients are continually amazed at the lengths Susan goes to capture the image she wants. She is the person lying on the floor in a crowded tourist area, not caring about all the eyes watching her; she is the person scaling walls to get a better angle; she is the patient person waiting for “the moment” to occur; she is the person focused on every detail of the shoot until it is done to her and her client’s satisfaction. Susan is always thinking and applying her experience to enhance every photographic experience – for both the viewer and for herself.

What does Susan do when she is not working with the camera? Mostly thinking of the next image to photograph, but also getting a good laugh with friends, playing sports, or planning her next vacation.